by Kit Woolsey 

A defense convention against a strong 1NT opening.

X = a mystery 4-card major, and a mystery 5+ card minor (after you play this for a while, you can use the Tunafish variation:
you also double with a decent 1-suiter in one of the minors)

Over this, 
2C says: pass if your minor is clubs, correct if your minor is diamonds
2D asks doubler to bid his major
2M is natural

2C = both majors (with equal length in the majors, 
advancer can bid 2D to ask overcaller to pick)

2D = a 1-suiter in one of the majors
2M = at least five cards in that major, and a side minor suit
2N = minors
3m = natural

Woolsey makes it much easier to find your best combined fit. Against that you sometimes end up at the 3-level, and if the opponents bid over the double, it may be hard to compete, since doubler's suits are not known.