TRELDE asking bid

Bids that shows a cue-bid is, when you use TRELDE, asking for control in the bidding suit. The first time you bid Trelde you ask for control in the suit and how many aces partner has. The king in the trumps suit is an ace. If a sidesuit is bidden and supported the king in that suit is also an ace. The person that bids Trelde is the captain in further bidding. 

Answer on the first Trelde question:

The Trelde bidder asks for at least 2. control (king/singleton) in the 
suit. Answer:
1. Step: No cotrol / Control, but 0 Aces.
2. Step: Control & 1/4 Aces
3. Step: Control & 2/5 Aces
4. Step: Control & 3/6 Aces or void & 0 Aces
5. Step: Void & 1/4 Aces 
6. Step: Void & 2/5 Aces
7. Step: Void & 3 Aces

If your opponents makes an overbid on a Trelde bid, we bid like this:
Pass: 1 Step
Dbl/Rdbl: 2 Step
Cheapest bid: 3 Step

You could of course agree to use DOPI/ROPI

If the answer hand has denied over 10 Hcp. we use one extra step:

1. Step: No control
2. Step: Control & 0 Aces
3. Step: Control & Aces
And so on.

A new Trelde bid after a negative answer (1. Step)

If you got an negative answer on the first Trelde bid you have 4 possibilities:
1) You bid the final contract in the trump suit.
2) You use Trelde in a new suit. The answers are like before.
3) You ask for aces with 4NT (or 5NT)
4) You bid the asking suit one more time. Now you want to know 
if your partner has at least 3. control (queen/double)
The answers are like before.

After 2 negative answers:

If your partner has bid negative twice (in two suits) you can ask once more.Since you have got two negative answers on Trelde it is highly possible that the answer hand has no aces. This is why we drop the Ace bids and the scale looks like this: 
1. Step: No 2. control
2. Step: 2. Control
3. Step: 2. Control & Trump queen

Partner gave a positive answer on Trelde:

After a positive answer on Trelde you know how many aces your partner got. The further scale is like above. Remember that if you ask for controls that has not been shown. First 1./2. control, then at least 3. control. and so on.

If you right away asks in the suit you got a positive answer in you show a void in that suit. You then want to know if your partner has the ace in that suit:
1. Step: Have the ace in the suit
2. Step: Don't have the ace in the suit
3. Step: Don't have the ace the suit & Trump Queen
If the answer hand has denied a void in the suit, the bid asks for
3. control.

After negative answer on the 2. Trelde.

If you got a positive answer in one suit, and then a negative answer in another suit you can bid the suit you got a positive answer in first. You now want's to know about 3.
control + Trump Queen.

Positive answer on two Trelde bids

After two positive answers on Trelde you know about the aces and the Trump Queen. If want to ask more the scale is:
1. Step: No control (Control that not is shown)
2. Step: Control

How to use 4NT

After a negative answer 4NT asks for aces. After a positive answer 4NT asks for Trump Queen. With the Trump Queen you bid 6 in the trump suit (Also with extra cards in the trump that could eliminate the need of the queen). Wihout the Queen you bid 5 in the Trump suit.

After two positive answers 4NT asks for extra values. With good extra values, that is not shown, you bid 6 in the trump suit. Without extra values you bid 5 in the trump suit.

How to use 5NT

5NT is used in the way as 4NT. If you got two negative answers 5NT asks for extra values. With only negative answers and you have passed 4NT
5NT asks for ace.