Soloway Jump Shifts

The theory behind Soloway Jump Shifts is based on the concept that one should not jump the bidding in a constructive auction unless there is a specific hand to be described. Soloway jumps are used to show specific types of hands rather than a strong hand. A hand of opening strength can make a jump shift if it describes the hand appropriately.

Soloway jump shifts have three and only three distinct hands that can be shown. The first is a solid suit, the second is a good suit with two of the top three honors plus good support for openers suit while the third is a good suit and a balanced hand usually restricted to 18-19 high card points. These bids are based on good suits, and/or good fits and can allow slams to be bid on good fitting hands. Hands without such distinctions should be bid without an initial jump shift.

It should be noted that a new suit bid now shows a splinter in support of openers suit along with the other requirements for a jump shift. Thus the sequence 1C-P-2H-P-3C-P-3D shows good hearts with 2 of 3 top honors, plus good support for clubs, plus shortness in diamonds!