Cheaper Minor Rebid

The negative response to the Strong 2C Convention is the 2D response. An additional conventional bid can be made by responder after the negative 2d bid. It is referred to as the Cheaper Minor convention. It is a second negative bid, essentially describing a bust hand with 0-4 HCP, no ace, of course.

So if opener rebids 2H/2S, 3C is second negative. And after 3C, 3D is second negative.

2C - Pass - 2D - Pass
2S - Pass - 3C - Pass
3S = is now not forcing.

This convention allows the opener to rebid his suit and in that sequence the openers rebid is not forcing. The benefit of this convention is that it allows opener to make the strong 2c bid on strong hands but with less than a game force. This helps Standard American bidding to reduce the range of possible one bid openers, a continuing problem for SA bidders.