Romex Trialbid

Trialbis is a convention after the sequence 1H-2H / 1S-2S
The opener make an invitational bid in a suit to describe his hand.

LFT= Long suit trialbid. Shows a poor sidesuit (at least three small) an request for help.
The responder should bid game with strength in the suit (also with shortness and 4+trump).
KFT = Short suit trialbid. Shows a void or a singleton in the suit.
The responder should bid game if he has no wasted values in the suit.

2S: Request partner to bid 2NT. A start bid to show KFT.
2NT: LFT in Spade. 
3C: LFT in Club.
3D: LFT in Diamond.
3H: To play.

1H - 2H
2S - 2NT
3C:KFT in Clubs.
3D:KFT in Diamond.
3H:KFT in Spade. 

2NT: Request partner to bid 3C. A start bid to show KFT.
3C:LFT in Club. 
3D:LFT in Diamond.
3H:LFT in Heart.
3S: To play.

1S - 2S
2NT - 3C
3D:KFT in Diamond. 
3H:KFT in Heart.
3S:KFT in Club.