Invisible Cuebids, Splinters, and Doubles

This is an extension of "Unusual vs Unusual." These can be used as a defense against any known two-suited overcall (say Michael's). 

The invisible cue bids work as follows:

Bidding the lower known suit: 10+ hcp, support for partner
Bidding the higher known suit: 10+ hcp, showing the "4th" suit 

The invisible splinters are:

Jumping in the other suits: 10+ hcp, splinter w/ support 
*Bidding the 4th suit: 10+ hcp, splinter w/ support
[note: some may not want to play this as a splinter] 

An extension of this is: 
Direct raise of partner: up to bad 9 hcp, support
Game raise of partner: 8-9 hcp, good shape 
Directly doubling: 10+ hcp, good defense of their suits
pass then double: you could only double one of their suits
pass then raise: up to bad 9 hcp, support, you might have doubled the other suit