Further bids on weak 2 Major

There are many ways to bid on weak two. This is how we (TheOne/Woodgrove) does it:

2NT: Ask for a singleton or void
3C : Ask for strength and suit quality.
3 in the opening suit is to play. (Pre-emptive)

2Maj - 2NT
You bid the suit you are short in. If the 2NT bidder bids 3 in the opening suit this 
is to play. If you don't use the 3 club bid this bid would be a limit bid.

2Maj - 3C
3D : Minimum strength & Minimum suit 
3H : Minimum strength & Maximum suit
3S : Maximum strength & Minimum suit
3NT: Maximum strength & Maximum suit

A new suit over 2 Major is round forcing. After 2H-2S you tell your partner if you have support in spade. If not, you bid your distribution.