Four Suit Transfers

4 suit transfers

2D transfers to 2H (at least 5)
2H transfers to 2S (at least 5)
2S transfers to 3C (at least 6! stick it out in NT with 5)
2NT transfers to 3D (at least 6!) 

NOTE: since 2NT is used for transfering, you must go thru stayman to invite game in NT. eg: 1NT-2C(alerted); 2D-2NT

Further NOTE: Since the stayman sequence: 1NT-2C; 2H-2NT invites game in NT and does not say (as is standard): "Partner you've picked the wrong major, but I can invite game in NT." Thus, if responder has a 4 card spade suit, responder must "checkback" in that sequence for a 4-4 spade fit: 1NT-2C; 2H-2S. 

The 3 level bids 
These are whatever you want them to be. Playing 4 suit transfers I usually have them as FORCING. Others might want to play them as showing exactly 4441 hands, etc.