A defensive convention for use against an opponent's 1NT. All two-level overcalls show two suits, while Double shows all one-suited hands. As with other NT defensive conventions that give up the natural penalty double, Brozel is best used against a strong 1NT.

The structure is:

X: One-suited hand; a relay to 2C. 
2C: Clubs and hearts
2D: Diamonds and hearts
2H: Hearts and spades
2S: Spades and a minor
2NT: Clubs and diamonds
3C/3D/3H/3S: Takeout for the unbid suits, with a stiff or void in the bid suit. 


(1NT) - X - (P) - 2C 

Overcaller passes with clubs or bids his suit. If responder has an excellent suit of his own, he may
ignore the relay request and bid it at the two-level. 


(1NT) - 2C/2D/2H

Advancer is asked to either pass or correct to the second suit. 


(1NT) - 2S 

Advancer can ask for partner's minor by bidding 2NT. 

Brozel applies in both direct and balancing seat.