(Made by Thomas Bekkevold and Tor Ivar Bang)

This convention looks like Lebensohl, but in stead 3D asks for 3H. 

Here are some examples: 
3C - x - pass - 3D= Bekkevold 
                     3H= invitational with hearts 
                     3S= invitational with spades 
                     3NT= To play with club stopper. 

Further after 3C - x - pass - 3D 
                     pass - 3H - pass - ? 
pass: Weak with hearts 
3S: Weak with spades 
3NT: To play without a club stopper. 
4C: Slam invitational with both major suits. 
4D,4H,4S: Slaminvitational. 

Some other typical Bekkevold position: 
3C - pass - pass - x 
pass - 3D= Bekkevold 

1C - pass - 3C - x 
pass - 3D= Bekkevold 

2NT - pass - 3C - x 
pass - 3D= Bekkevold