Weak Two Bids
The Weak Two Bid is used in conjunction with the strong 2 opening bid. By using the 2C bid for all strong hands the other 2-level bids are available for other purposes. The 2-level bids are used as "small" pre-emptive bids. To open 2D, 2H, or 2 S you require 5 to 11 HCPs and a reasonably good six card suit. You can not hold a side-suit four card major. is often used for other conventional treatments, such as Flannery. When sitting in the third or fourth seat the length requirements are relaxed, a five-card suit can be bid, but bidding on a minimum HCP hand should be avoided. Responses 2 Notrump = The only forcing response to a weak-two bid. The bid shows interest in game and is forcing for one round. Requires 14 pts., but can be less with good trump support. After the 2 Notrump response the opener describes his hand: The Two NT bidder now has a good idea where to place the contract. The bids available now are: All other responses, but Two Notrump, are not forcing. The bidding options to the responder are: