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Author Topic: BIN, Bridge i Norge 1988, 8  (Read 8093 times)
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« on: March 01, 2012, 06:26:11 AM »

T73     KQJ864
KQ9     4
T842     KJ6
Q65     AK4

3NT  W  10
2S   EW  5
3N    E    5
3S   EW  3

4S is a playable contract, needing DQ to be onside, but the score for 4S is 0. Moreover, 3NT/W is a good contract, but far from being cold. If N has HA, he could lead a heart, and later if S has SA or DA, he can play a heart through and defeat the contract. Another scenario is, if defender attack clubs all the way, 3NT/W may have only 9 tricks: club lead, drive out SA, 2nd round club, drive out HA, 3rd round club setting up long clubs. Now declarer doesn't have time to try diamonds. 9 tricks in 3NT is worse than 10 tricks in 4S (this is MP). I believe the score of 4S should be quite close to the score of 3NT.
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