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Bidding and play panel

Bidding and play paneld does not require partner.

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Click on bidding and play panel tab.

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Press solve panel button.

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In upper left part of window you can see list of sources, sets and boards. Green color is for unanswered sources, sets and boards, black color is for sources, sets and boards that were already answered.

Hieararchy: sources → sets → boards

Right from these lists you can see bidding, below bidding tricks - played cards if there are any and right from bidding scores. You can see scores after you answer your question.

Panels is sort of a quiz in three possble types:

  • bidding panel - you must choose a bid
  • play panel - choose a card to play
  • multiple choice answer - you must choose one of possible answers

When you bid, play or answer enter a comment (optional) in a comment field and press on make a bid / play card / answer button.