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Bidding competition - bidding

If bid button is disabled then you are not part of any partnership.

bidding contest 

Press bid button.

challenge the champs

Bidding window is divided in several parts. On top left part is a list of all partnerships and systems. Right from this list is a list of bidding contest sources. What is listed depends on sets that were chosen. On the left side in the middle is list of sets from chosen source and right from it is a list of boards.

Hierarchy: partnership → source → set → board

Green color in any of this lists means that you can bid, red color that you can't bid and have to wait for partner and black color means that boards are finished.

On right part of the bidding window are displayed bidding sequence and scores for the final contract (only when board is finished).

On the lower left side of the bidding window are basic information of a board: serial number, vulnerability, type of scoring, dealer and of course - cards.

Start bidding by pressing on green board number. Then on a right bottom part of the window choose a level and a suit or pass/dbl/rdbl. When you have done so make a bid button and comment - a field above East cards become enabled.

bridge bidding

Enter comment of your bid in comment field if you want and press make a bid button to bid.

By pressing message button a chat window is opened and you can send a message to your partner (see Chat).

Active Image 

If a background of a bid is in a cyan color (encircled 3H), clicking on this bid reveal a description which is displayed in a comment field (the lowest encircled text).

When final contract is bid scores appear on right part of the window.