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Bidding competition - choosing sets of boards

In BQ database wfe have hundreds of boards for bidding contest from different bridge magazines and other sources. When you form new partnership one random set becomes available for bidding. If you want to bid more, you and your partner has to select which sets you would like to bid. Set that it's assigned to a pair can not be bid in any other combination of both users of this pair.

In sets window you can also change the system of a pair.

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Press sets button.

bridge bidding systems

Start by selecting one of the partnerships. If you would like to change the system, select new system from pop-up menu and pressf change button.

To propose which sets you would like to bid with selected partnership, select source from list of sources (bottom left part of window). In the middle you will see which sets you can propose. You will see only sets that you and your partner have not bid already. Select sets and press propose button. Sets that are marked blue you have already proposed to this partner. If you would like to cancel your proposal, for example you don't want to bid with this user anymore, select sets in blue color and press cancel button.

In right part of the window you can see which sets were proposed by your partner. Select sets and press accept button for acceptation and cancel button for rejection.