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BQ main window
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Upper part of window

login - Opens login window. Use it to login with different nick/password.

profile - Opens registration/profile window. Use it to change your preferences (see Registration)

chat - Opens chat window. Use it to chat or send messages to users (see Chat)

help - Opens window with links to help page, forum, FAQ, information about version of the program and contact information for help via AOL, ICQ or MSN (check bellow).

exit - Exits BQ program.

Middle part of window - bidding contest tab

Buttons that can't be used are disabled. For example you can't start bidding contest if you are not part of partnership.

find partner - Opens find a partner window. Use it to find users for forming partnership.

partnerships - Opens partnerships window. Use it to cancel, reject and accept invitations.

sets - Opens sets window. Use it to select sets you would like to bid.

bid - Opens bidding window. Use it to bid boards in bidding contest.

archive - Opens archive window. Use it to generate reports for finished bidding contest sets.

Middle part of window - bidding and play panel tab

solve panel - Opens bidding window. Use it to bid boards in bidding and play panels. This feature is available immediately after registration and logging.

Lower part of window

In lower part of window you can see nicks of users that are currently logged to BQ. By right clicking on nick you can check users profile or chat.