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Before you can use BQ program you have to open an account. Account is necessary to store data about your bidding, for example which boards have been finished, what scores you have received for answers and similar.

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To open an account press login button.

biddingquest login

Press register button

biddingquest registration

Fill out registration form! Obligatory fields are nick, email , pasword (x2), level of email notifications and language.

A word about email address:

Please use real email address. We will not send your email to any third party. You will receive emails from us only to inform you about new features, versions of programs, competitions, and so on. In field level of email notifications you can adjust the level of notifications. If you at any time want to unsubscribe from BQ you can send us email.

If you check field anonymous you won't receive any messages from other players and you won't be listed among possible partners.

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When you fill out all obligatory fields press register button. If registration was successful, you'll see this window:

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After successful registration, you can login to BQ.