Gambling 3NT

An opening bid of 3NT to indicate a long, usually solid, minor suit. The number of outside stoppers required depends on partnership preference, but I prefer to use it as denial of any side king/ace.

  • 4C: rescue. Ask partner to pass with C or bid 4D with D.
  • 4D: Ask partner to pass with D or bid 5C with C.
  • 4H/S: Good 6-card or longer suit, denies any outside ace, non-forcing.
  • 4NT: Ask for trump quality. Opener bids 5C with AKQxxxx, 5D: AKQJxxx, 5H:AKJxxxxx and 5S: AKQxxxxx.
  • 5C: attempt to play game in opener's minor. Opener will pass or correct to 5D.
  • If 3NT is doubled: responder may:
    • 4C: Rescue.
    • Pass: With side suit stoppers
    • Redouble: Good cards. ask opener to pass, and ser up forcing pass.
    • Normal response.
  • If 3NT is overcalled: responder may:
    • 4NT: competitive
    • Double: Penalty
  • Normal response.
  • If 3NT is overcalled, and responder has passed: Gambling 3NT opener may:
    • Bid or double: Maximum
    • Pass: Minimum