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What is BQ?

BiddingQuest (BQ) is bridge-bidding practice software.


Bidding contests on prepared boards with a partner

  • No need for the partner to be on-site for bidding. Bid on as many boards as you wish and then wait for your partner to do the same.
  • Scores of boards depend on the type of scoring: IMP and MP.
  • Opponents may intervene and open to make bidding harder. Opponents’ bids are explained when necessary.
  • Bids may be commented on for later discussion.
  • Reports in PDF may be received by email after the whole set is finished. Reports include cards, scores, bidding, and comments.

    Bidding panel

    • Hundreds of prepared boards from our own source and from several bridge magazines.
    • Localized user interface.
    • Three platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux