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Bridge systems and conventions

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    On these pages you will find several types of bridgequiz you can use your brain on.

    7Match, seven quizzes were you compete against opponents with different skill level. These quizzes are made by Geir Helgemo and has been published in the Norwegian bridge magazine "Bridge News".

    BB-Quiz, 13 quizzes from the Bermuda Bowl in 1994 were the Norwegian almost won. Geir Helgemo made these quizzes.

    PlayingQuiz, were you get a declarer or defense problem.

    BidQuiz, were you can test you bidding skills and be judged by a jury of top players. From the Norwegian bridgemagazine "Bridge News".

    DoubleDummy, quizzes were you see all 4 hands, but it is not so easy as you may think. From a book by Helge Krogh from 1922!

    If you have a quiz you want to share with others, send it to us.

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