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7 Matches - Answers
7 Matches - 1st Answer
  • 7 Matches

    We have the pleasure of presenting the 7 Match, a mini team match where you can test your bridge skills over 7 tables. If you try to complain about the bridge analysis on these games we will generally laugh at you, because these quizzes are made by the one and only Geir Helgemo. Our thanks to Geir Helgemo for letting us use these articles, originally published by the Norwegian bridge magazine "Bridge Nytt". (Sadly, not existing anymore.)

    Swiss Match is a popular American team match form. You play 7 tables per match, and a 0-3 IMP difference is considered a tie. To make it easier we have rotated the table so that you are always playing as South. The systems used by your team and your opponents are natural, but the difficult level is various, just like practical bridge. When you have "played" all 7 tables and checked the solution to find your score, you can compare it with that of your team mates. Good luck!

    PS! We have 8 of these written by Geir Helgemo. We will publish them in due course. (We have to write them first!!). Maybe we will make someone our selves too.

    Morten Eide has translated from Norwegian to English (1-7). Andrew McManus has corrected #8. Thanks to them.