Bidding Quest is an online bidding site where you can practice bidding “live” or “Round by Round”. We have also a bidding contest for all to join.

Bidding Quest started 1997 when Woodgrove started a bidding contest called Bidding Challenge on his Website Bridge Arkade. The bidding was done by email, and Wodgrove had to update all manually. Bidding set 1-17 was made for this purpose, and it become very popular. In fact it become so much work, that it was impossible to find time for it, so in 1999 the contest was closed.

Then Todi got an idea of making a bidding tool with WebPages so that he could practice bidding with his partner online. He got help from Dule to make database controlled WebPages. Since he hadn’t copyright to any bidding sets with score, he found Woodgroves WebPage and they started to cooperate. The Bidding Quest site was started in August 2001. 

Curently, january 2007, we are making a new window platform.

We are now a great group with very good expertise in the different areas you need to make such a site work. Enjoy, and tell your friends about it.

The Bidding Quest staff
Method Gantar OR "Todi". Slovenia. Programmer.
Played for the Slovenian national team for many years.
John-Hallvard Skoglund OR "Woody". Norway. Webdesign & biddingset designer.
2nd in national chapinonchip pairs and 3rd in 1.division team. Twise jr. champion.