What is BQ?

BiddingQuest (BQ) is bridge-bidding practice software.


Bidding contests on prepared boards with a partner

  • No need for the partner to be on-site for bidding. Bid on as many boards as you wish and then wait for your partner to do the same.
  • Scores of boards depend on the type of scoring: IMP and MP.
  • Opponents may intervene and open to make bidding harder. Opponents’ bids are explained when necessary.
  • Bids may be commented on for later discussion.
  • Reports in PDF may be received by email after the whole set is finished. Reports include cards, scores, bidding, and comments.

    Bidding panel

    • Hundreds of prepared boards from our own source and from several bridge magazines.
    • Localized user interface.
    • Three platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux

Truth about bidding

You are declarer about 25% of time.

You are defender about 50% of time.

But you bid on every board. With accurate bidding you don't even need to play that well although for best results you should know more than the basics Same in defence. Bid well and force opponents into a bad contract. Bridge IS bidding, a kind of language between 2 people. Practice your bidding language skills here at Bidding Quest. It is the path to becoming a better bridge player!